About Us

Health Voucher Codes was first conceived during the optimism of the London Olympics 2012 games when the United Kingdom was getting excited about the games and it’s founders found themselves become a lot more health conscious.

The basic premise started off from where would you go if you wanted to get healthier and save money. Yes of course you can troll through forums and blogs for deals but what you were only interested in saving money? This is where Health Voucher Codes comes in, a place where you can find discount codes, offers and sale information for popular and upcoming brands, stores and products.

We pride ourselves on giving our visitors the best and safest experience, the Health Voucher Codes’ small but expanding team of editors who border between fitness fanatics to health connoisseurs.

Since entering the market in 2013 after several years of research being conducted we have had an amazing response from brands who wanted to reach a health conscience audience base to visitors who keep on coming back. We know people love us from the feedback and requests we get from everyone. We can’t respond to all but we try and appreciate them all equally.

You can trust Health Voucher Codes – we are part of the Gideanet network of health related websites which includes – Revive Weight Loss and End Gynecomastia. Check out the Gideanet website for more info on our network. You can keep in touch with us through our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even You Tube. When you are not busy promoting codes you can find us on You Tube and Soundcloud. Our YouTube channel is where we have a little fun and try to make you laugh. On Soundcloud you will find our favorite music from UK singer/ songwriter James L. Stead to our very own Health Voucher Codes’ rap.

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